Rugby 610

Flat laser with receiver and alkaline batteries – Model with rechargeable battery and charger also available

Rugby 640

Multipurpose vertical/horizontal laser with receiver, rechargeable battery/charger, and universal wall mount. Meant for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rod Eye Receivers – Rugby Series

Rod Eye-120 Receiver with Clamp
Rod Eye-160 Receiver with Clamp

Rugby CLA-ctive Series

The first upgradable laser. The base unit is a simple to operate, one-button horizontal laser for concrete and formwork levelling, height checking and transferring, and land levelling applications.

CLC Combo Receiver

A receiver and a remote, combined in one device

Piper 100G

Leica’s first green beam pipe laser. Same great quality but with better beam visibility. Piper 200G also available if you require the alignmaster feature!

Piper 200

The most versatile pipe lasers in the market, the Leica Piper 200 helps bring exceptional performance, accuracy and simplicity to sewer construction and pipe applications. The compact Piper fits inside a 100 millimetre (4 inch) pipe, assuring easy and efficient setup even in the smallest inverts.

Our unit comes with the full accessory package, which includes different Piper feet sizes for different pipe diameters, as well as an extra battery and large target.