Mini Prism and Pole Kit

Column Clamp

24″ or 48″ Digital Level with Soft Carry Case

24″ or 48″ Sola Magnetic Level

6 ¼ ” Abney Level

6″ 2X Mag Brass Hand Level

2.5X Mag Hand Level

Precision Optical Tribrach

Friction Rotating Tribrach Adaptor

Tilting Single Prism (includes padded carry case)

Mini Prism Assembly

1.28″ Mini Stakeout Pole

Mini Stakeout Rod

Adjustable Pole (2.70′ to 5.10′ or 0.82m to 1.55m)

Carbon Fiber Dual Grab Fixed Tip Rover Rod

2m Carbon Fiber Rover Rod

25cm/1.25″ Extension

Metal Wide Base Prism Pole Topo Shoe

Centre Punch Point for Prism Pole

3.37″ Steel Prism Pole Point

Ranger CL Silva Compass

Truck Adaptor for GPS Mount

Quick Release for GPS Pole for Mag Mount

Mag Mount

Triple Mag Mount

36″ or 48″ Reinforced Lath Bag

Jumbo Prism Bag

Triple Prism Bag