Inverted Construction Paint – all colours available

Respect of man and environment. FLUO TP is designed to meet the very highest demands for marking visibility and longevity. It is particularly appreciated by land-surveyors for setting-out and identification, but is also used in a wide range of other domains such as roadworks, earthworks, pipework and the general construction field. FLUO TP is the most fluorescent marking spray on the market and offers the highest visibility thanks to its new formula with an even higher density of fluorescent pigments. Easy and safe to use, Fluo TP is fitted with the patented Soppec “TP” safety cap.

SOPPEC Spot Marker for Inverted Paint

SOPPEC Marking Stick w/ Wheel for Inverted Paint

Keson Spot Marker for Inverted Paint

Keson Marking Stick w/ Wheel for Inverted Paint

Magnetic Masonry Nails – available in 3 different sizes

4″ x 5″ Stake Flags, 21″ Long (bundles of 100, case of 1000)

Arctic Tuff© Flagging Tape (sleeves of 12, case of 144)

White Field Book

Yellow Level Book

12′ Gammon Reel

16oz or 32oz Plumb Bob

Reflective Target Replacements for Total Station – 4 different sizes available (10/pack)

Caution Tape

Danger Tape