One panel, one software, always connected. The all-in-one 3D machine control solution for your entire fleet

MC1 software simplifies design data handling and is open to all standard design data types, enabling a flexible dataflow to support common workflows on a job site. All machinery on the construction site, as well as Leica Geosystems’ field solution iCON Site, are now running on the same design data structure, meaning that no data conversion is required. Furthermore, a seamless data transfer between machines, field units within the job site and office are guaranteed.

Leica MC200 Depthmaster

An ideal tool for any kind of height control for excavators. Simply turn the excavator dipper into an integrated measuring stick without having to leave the cabin. It is simple to set-up and can be used with any rotating laser. Mounts either to a standard excavator or backhoe – even levelling work can be done with the same sensor.

Leica LMR360 

Offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Large 360° detection window picks up any rotating laser, from any angle. Built-in vertical indicator monitors angle of the stick, signaling if it‘s plumb or under- or overextended. Vertical position ensures consistent and accurate grade readings, saving money by reducing over- or under-cutting.

Futtura CR-5

The world’s most versatile premium laser receiver. An all-in-one combination receiver designed for all rotating lasers and can be hand-held, rod-mounted, or magnetically attached to your machine. Now with plumb indicator lights!


Level Best is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser grading attachments. They are unequaled for creating highly precise finish grades for site preparation and maintenance.